What’s In The Air?

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Your home is a busy place. People are always working, playing, cooking, washing, cleaning, and moving things around. These daily activities can release small particles and chemicals that build up in the air you breathe. Whether your home is large or small, old or new, the air inside may be causing breathing problems, especially for people with allergies and asthma.

Controlling the Air You Breathe

Sometimes the air outdoors can trigger allergies and asthma. You may have to avoid outdoor air pollution, pollen and spores. Any time air pollution and pollen levels are high, it’s a good idea to avoid being outdoors.

The indoor air at home is easier for you to control. There are air cleaning machines that you can buy to remove some of the “triggers” in your home. But not all can effectively remove triggers. Some air cleaners use an electrical charge that makes ozone, which manufacturers claim will “purify” the air. However, ozone irritates the lungs and is especially a problem for people with asthma. We don’t recommend the use of air cleaners that produce ozone. Instead, look for mechanical air cleaners such as the IQAir HealthPro Series. It’ does not produce ozone, can effectively trap fine and ultrafine particles, and is rated #1 for allergies and asthma.

TACH Wellness Solutions carries air purifying solutions for both residential and commercial uses. For more info on this product, please join our Facebook Group.

Content copyright American Lung Association


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