Spring Clean Up Your Act!

We’re already three months into the new year! There are no more excuses not to get outside, get active and get healthy! Use this opportunity as a way to “Spring Clean” up your health. Here are some wellness ideas to get your body and health up and moving along.

Get planting!

Start on your garden. Getting your hands dirty three times a week for an hour not only spruces up your yard and ups your happiness level, but it also burns approximately 250 to 350 calories an hour.

Don’t have a garden? Head out in the yard! Mow the lawn, haul mulch, pull weeds, or rearrange yard décor. This is all great exercise! Make sure to get up often and change things up, every 20 minutes or so, to make sure you aren’t overstraining certain muscle groups.

Burn that energy and get great rest!

Go to bed early. People who wake up earlier will have a leg up on the late night fans who sleep away the morning. Taking advantage of being out in the fresh air and sunlight during the day will pump you full of needed vitamin D, and combined with a great night of sleep, can fight away symptoms of depression and fatigue.

Take advantage of the abundance of local fresh fruits and veggies.

Have you been passing by a farmer’s market with curiosity? Do yourself a favour and get your hands on some farm fresh goodies the easiest and most convenient way possible.

Don’t forget to take your vitamins!tach spring clean multivitamins supplements

If you have yet to introduce a daily supplement into your diet, it’s time. Keep it simple and take something that covers all of your bases. Nutrilite® Perfect Pack for Your Health Pack builds a strong nutritional foundation.

This trio of premier NUTRILITE supplements helps you feel confident that your nutritional gaps are covered with daily a.m. and p.m. packs.

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