Why You Should Drink More Water

Did you know that the quality of life can be affected when drinking water travels through distribution systems that aren’t properly maintained. That even includes home plumbing.

We’re seeing more and more people becoming aware of the water contaminants that come from human activities and naturally occurring circumstances. And we get that you’re looking for ways to make your water safer, right at home.

So why not invest in a UV Water Filtration System? It reduces more than 140 potential health-effect contaminants that may be in drinking water, and its UV light effectively destroys more than 99.99 percent of waterborne disease-causing bacteria and viruses that may be in drinking water 

One of the best things about an in-home water filter treatment system is the “Smart” electronic monitoring that tells you when to order and change the filter cartridge (about once a year). It also ensures the system is operating properly, delivering high-quality, clean water at every use.

Experience the difference an UV water treatment system can make.

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