Your Health & You: Women’s Supplement Nutrition

For women, each stage of life brings new physical changes. Sometimes it seems like our bodies are constantly shifting gears as we grow and mature. And as they do, our nutritional needs change, too. Each new phase requires different nutrients to help support our optimal health.

The Right Nutrients for Every Stage of Life

From early adulthood through menopausal years, women need sound nutrition to support optimal health. It’s not always easy to get what we need through our diets alone, though — so we may need nutritional supplements to help support us.

Making Nutrition More Convenient

Unfortunately, between work deadlines, necessary errands, family life, and more, one of your biggest daily challenges might actually be getting the important nutrients you need. But thankfully, nutritional supplements are an easy way to get the nutrients you need, even when you’re on the go.

The Nutrients We Need, Today and Tomorrow

There are supplements created with a special formula designed specifically to support women’s health. These supplements include:

  • A daily multivitamin to protect against free radicals and get you important daily phytonutrients
  • Helps you obtain and absorb calcium
  • Promotes strong, flexible nails; supports healthy hair; encourages smooth, elastic skin, and includes antioxidants vitamin C and grape-seed extract for protection against free radicals.
  • Get the equivalent DHA and EPA omega 3s found in 15.75 ounces, or three servings, of ocean fish.

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