Air Purifier Rentals & Purchases

TACH Wellness offers short term and long term rentals of our IQAir HealthPro and GC Multigas air purifier series, and the Atem personal air purifier.

You could be enjoying healthier, more comfortable conditions in your home or workplace. Rent when you need it most at affordable rates. Around the clock protection. Safe, healthy, environmentally friendly, energy saving.

RENTAL: HealthPro Air Purifier for Home or Office

The #1 rated air purifier is now even better. The New Edition HealthPro Plus offers up to 25% more clean air, 38% longer filter life and 32% less noise.

In fact, it’s now the quietest high-performance air purifier in the world. At the heart of this revolutionary system is the exclusive IQAir HyperHEPA filtration technology that effectively traps particles of all sizes. That includes viruses, pet dander, dust mites, other allergens and even cigarette smoke. While ordinary air cleaners are only tested for the largest 10% of particles, IQAir’s HyperHEPA filtration is tested and certified to filter 99.5% of all particles down to 0.003 microns. These are the smallest particles that exist. Imagine the difference virtually allergen-free air can make to your health. If clean air really matters to you, you’ll love the HealthPro Plus.

RENTAL: GC Multigas Air Purifier

The IQAir GC air purifier effectively filters out micro-pollutants and nano-particles, including mold spores, pollen, ragweed, pet dander, dust, bacteria and viruses.

The IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier is proven to deliver years of fresh, healthy air to your home, office, or commercial space. This 6-speed air purifier is known as the world’s most effective room air purifier for odor and chemical control and is ideal for rooms up to 1,000 square feet. It uses 17 pounds of gas-media to remove harmful gases, chemicals, VOCs, smoke, formaldehyde and more.

Atem Personal Air Purifier

The IQAir Atem is the most efficient personal air purifier ever created. Light and compact, take your personal clean air zone anywhere.

Take control of your own breathing zone with the Atem personal air purifier. Sleek, compact and powerful, the Atem lets you take charge of the air you breathe.

When you’re not inside your home, the quality of the air you breathe is out of your control. The Atem shifts that power back to you. Simply plug it in and focus the PureJet air diffuser to your breathing zone.

Feel your best wherever you rest.

Coming Soon! IQAir Mask

IQAir Mask uses KN95 respiration technology to filter ultrafine particles, and other common particulate pollutants in smoke, smog, and pollen from the air you’re breathing.

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