IQAir Atem

IQAir does it again, creating the world’s most advanced and effective personal air purifier. Unlike standard room air purifiers, the innovative Atem delivers ultra-clean air directly to where it’s most important – you!

While standard room air purifiers are designed to clean the entire room, the IQAir Atem Personal Air Purifier works by enveloping you in super-purified air and creating a personal clean air zone around you. By delivering ultra-clean air directly into your breathing space, the IQAir Atem protects you from the myriad of particulate pollutants that are in the air – instantly, quietly and without a draft.

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While most other personal air purifiers produce ozone (a known lung irritant) or simply blow contaminated air around without actually cleaning it, IQAir’s revolutionary Atem Air Purifier has been designed to capture pollutants without creating harmful by-products. If you have allergies, COPD or chronic respiratory illnesses, the IQAir Atem will become your new best friend, creating a personal clean air haven that your respiratory system will love.

  • Ideal for use on your office desk to protect you from workplace hazards such as mold spores from building HVAC systems, toner emissions from printers and photocopiers, and airborne bacteria and viruses.
  • Sleek and light-weight unit disassembles to easily fit inside a carry-on bag or suitcase, making it a truly portable air purifier that you can use when travelling.
  • Exclusive Atem HyperHEPA filter captures particles down to an incredible 0.003 microns in size – 100 times smaller than those captured by a standard medical-grade HEPA filter.
  • Removes 99% of particles such as dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, dust-mite by-products and other ultra-fine particulate matter, including smog and combustion particulates.
  • New multiphase DC fan motor provides reliable and quiet operation, easily allowing even the most sound-sensitive individuals to use it while sleeping or working.
  • The housing of the IQAir Atem air purifier is made of non off-gassing, impact resistant, UV-stabilized ABS and PC plastics for safety, durability and ease of transportation.
  • Has a built-in filter life monitor, with the LED light beneath the diffuser flashing red to let you know when the filter is due for replacement. Changing the filter can be done in a matter of minutes with no tools required.

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