Kids’ Health

Fun chewables to support their development.

Kids Chewable Daily

Optimal nutrition is particularly important for kids, whose bodies are building the foundation for a healthy adult life. Give them 19 essential vitamins and minerals in strawberry-mango, grape and orange flavoured chewable tablets. 

Kids Chewable Concentrated Fruits & Vegetables

For the times when they can’t or don’t eat the recommended five to nine servings a day of fresh fruits and vegetables and you want to ensure they get those important phytonutrients. Your kids will be asking for the supplement every day!

Kids Chewable Probiotic

A natural and safe way to support your child’s digestive and immune systems. It also provides the benefits of vitamin C for year-round immunity support. Contains no artificial colours, flavors or preservatives. 

Kids Chewable Vitamin C

Helps your child achieve dietary balance and added nutrition. Helps iron absorption for healthy growth and development.

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