Nutrilite offers the best of science and the best of nature with the goal of enabling us to live long, active lives and to achieve our highest potential to the best of our ability.

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You need cleaning products you can trust to do the job, without toxic chemicals. Your family counts on it for their well-being. That’s why we’ve found products that are better and safer for both your home and the environment. Read More

We’ve all done it – gone to bed with a full-face of makeup. Some of us even swear it’s the only way to get the perfect smudgy, smoky eye! But here’s the real deal: while you may gain you a few extra minutes of sleep, leaving your foundation, mascara, and eye makeup on is really just sabotaging your skin. Read More

If you’re looking to manage your weight better this year, then remember: Step one is good nutrition.

Reach your goal of a healthier you!

First, for optimal all-around health, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables of various colours. Each colour family — from purple eggplants to red apples — offers phytonutrients with important health benefits. Then, to support your specific weight management efforts, you may want to add a nutritional supplement. Because it’s tough to get all the nutrients you need from meals alone, on a consistent basis. Read More

We’re already three months into the new year! There are no more excuses not to get outside, get active and get healthy! Use this opportunity as a way to “Spring Clean” up your health. Here are some wellness ideas to get your body and health up and moving along. Read More

When we’re healthy, everything works together: We feel strong, confident, and energetic. And healthful weight management is often a part of getting there. So we do our best to eat well and stay active.

But if exercise and a nutritious diet don’t achieve optimal results, our bodies may need some added support. Read More

A recent study from consumer research firm Verify Markets showed that Amway’s eSpring brand is the world’s best-selling brand of home water treatment system*.

Empowering Homeowners to Take Action

Quality of life can be affected when drinking water travels through distribution systems that aren’t properly maintained. That includes home plumbing.

More and more people are becoming aware of the water contaminants that come from human activities and naturally occurring circumstances. And they’re looking for ways to make their water safer, right at home. Read More

What’s In The Air?

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Your home is a busy place. People are always working, playing, cooking, washing, cleaning, and moving things around. These daily activities can release small particles and chemicals that build up in the air you breathe. Whether your home is large or small, old or new, the air inside may be causing breathing problems, especially for people with allergies and asthma. Read More

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It’s the flu season and there is no better time for supporting your immunity! We can all benefit from important vitamins and nutrients that can support our immunity. Read More

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Life has moved indoors. Admit it – You spend way more time inside than outside. Which means, like most people around the world, you’re probably not getting enough sunlight to provide your body with the vitamin D it needs to thrive. Read More