UV Water Purifiers

What can water do for your body? The better question might be what can’t it do? From helping you move your body and mind more freely, to helping your skin look younger and helping you maintain a healthy weight and a good metabolism, water… clean, fresh-tasting, quality water… is clearly a key ingredient to good health.

While drinking enough water is essential to your general well-being, drinking water that’s free from impurities is also vital to achieving a better, healthier lifestyle. To ensure that the water you and your family are drinking is fresh, clear, and clean, you need the quality of the best home water filtration system.

Reasons to Choose a Water Purification System

  1. Cleaner, Clearer, Better-Tasting Water: The most obvious benefit of a UV water filtration system is the dramatic improvement in water taste, odour and clarity.
  2. Healthier, Better Quality Water: The UV filtration system effectively removes more than 140 different contaminants, and destroys more than 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and viruses.
  3. Tested and Certified by NSF: This water purification system has been tested and audited by the NSF for the reduction of more health-effect contaminants than any other UV/carbon-based system it has certified.
  4. Uses Leading Technology: It’s the first purification system to combine carbon block filter, UV light, and electronic monitoring. The UV-Carbon Cartridge reduces water contaminants; UV light destroys 99.99% waterborne microorganisms, and the electronic monitoring system lets users know when it’s time for replacements.
  5. Easy To Install: Unlike bottled water or jug-type filters, this Water Purification Treatment System can provide all the daily drinking and cooking needs an average family requires directly from the tap. It also takes up less space for greater convenience and flexibility. And, there’s no special tools needed to install.
  6. Convenient Design: The Water Purifier is designed for both above counter water filtration or below your countertop.
  7. Easy Maintenance: Our Water Purifier can provide 5,000 litres or one year of water before the UV-Carbon Cartridge needs to be replaced.
  8. Value for Money: The cost of treatment is actually less than many other systems.

This residential water filtration system ensures your drinking water is as clean, great tasting, and clear as possible. No other system is documented to effectively reduce as wide a range of contaminants as this one.

For more information on our UV Water Purifiers, feel free to call or Whatsapp me at (246) 233-2502 or email tachwellnessinfo@gmail.com.

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